TCRE - Project


TCRE SAE Capital is a real estate investment vehicle based out of Miami formed by experienced and pro-fessional individuals with proven market access. Our goal is to provide substantial returns to the investors through sta-bilized investments in the greater South Florida area. We primarily focus on commercial office, retail, multi-family, ho-tel, parking, self-storage and mixed use assets.

TCRE SAE Capital’s role is to identify investment opportunities, manage and structure them in order to allow inves-tors to participate in the potential upside. Our approach is founded on placing our investors and partners’ interest above our own and placing the highest level of importance on transparency and integrity. We consider conservative investments those which will provide the highest probability for steady income with potential appreciation.

TCRE SAE Capital will invest in assets with low to moderate risk with a 3 to 7 year exit strategy. Each managing partner has a prominent role in the day to day management. Our team has more than 50 years joint experi-ence in real estate, private investment and taxation. The goal is to provide a healthy ROI and a minimum yield of 5% annually. It is our belief that “trophy properties” are worthwhile investments that will provide great opportunities for investment with higher chances for revaluation during market volatility with a plan on liquidation during the next boom cycle.


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